Planning Permission Obtained for Challenging Site in North London

Our proposals for a site on Topsfield Parade in Crouch End, North London, gained planning permission this summer and our technical design for the construction is now well progressed.

The tight site to the rear of a parade of shops initially seemed to offer only minimal development potential, but our proposals have provided two new contemporary residential units at ground and basement levels, whilst maintaining the commercial space also at ground level.

The narrow and tapering form of the buildings has allowed us to generate a design solution that includes the use of internal light wells, double height glazed sections and efficient plan layouts in order to create well-lit and usable spaces, along with a new amenity space for the existing first floor flats.

The overall height of the new extensions is carefully controlled in order to respect the original form of the existing building. Visual and physical connections between the new properties and the mews will provide inherent surveillance to the laneway area.

The contemporary appearance will be achieved by using high quality materials and will act to regenerate the rather neglected surroundings. Planting is proposed to the raised terraces that overlook the laneway, and also along it, in order to improve the environment of the mews.

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