UPDATE Images of completed Kensington penthouse flat project

We now have professional photos of our recently completed Kensington Penthouse project.

This Penthouse maisonette forms part of a Grade II Listed grand house designed by the architect J. J. Stevenson in the 1880’s. The Penthouse maisonette came into being in 1948 when the house was divided into flats.

The project was for the substantial but sensitive updating, upgrading and enhancement of the fabric and amenities of the maisonette and the transformation of the existing layout into an open, contemporary, stripped- back interior that is meant to act as a backdrop to our client’s extensive collection of eighteenth century art, books and furniture. Our work involved rigorous historic research into the development and history of the building in order to preserve elements belonging to the original footprint/ interior whilst at the same time removing and adjusting non-original walls and features in order to create the desired spaces and effect.

Additional images and project details can be seen on the dedicated project page here.

Photographs by Jefferson Smith

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