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46-50 Deptford High Street, Lewisham

New build mixed-use development of 2 shops, 11 flats and 6 garages.

New build mixed-use development of 2 shops, 11 flats and 6 garages

This project is one of a series designed by the practice in Deptford with two specific aims, the first being to attract activity back to the High Street by providing low-cost flats and workshops, and the second to repair the decaying yet historic character of the street by filling important sites with sensitively designed buildings.

The scheme consisted of two blocks of flats, one facing the High Street, set in line with the adjacent terrace. The blocks are separated by a small paved court at first floor level. Below at ground level are a pair of deep shops fronting the High Street and a row of garages to the rear. All the flats are accessed from the court via an external stair from pavement level.

The plan form and fenestration are organized so that all flats have a view of the court, with balconies and galleries providing external amenity space for the residents. The top floor of the High Street block is set back behind the façade and screened with an external loggia.

The project was reviewed in a feature article in The Architects’ Journal.


The development is located in Lewisham, South London.