Topsfield Parade, Crouch End

London Borough of Haringey, N8

The Topsfield Parade site is two properties which form part of a horseshoe shaped terrace in Crouch End, London N8. The existing buildings have retail spaces at ground and basement facing the shopping street frontage and flats on the upper floors above. To the rear of the properties is a narrow semi-dilapidated mews laneway which provides access to many of the flats over.

From this site, which appeared to offer nearly no development potential, our proposals are to provide two new contemporary one bed residential units at ground and basement levels and partially within the existing unused basements at the rear. Commercial space will be maintained at ground floor level.

The narrow and tapering form of the buildings has generated a design solution that includes the use of private internal lightwells, double height glazed sections and efficient plan layouts in order to create well lit and usable spaces. A new amenity space is created for the existing first floor flats over the new building elements.

The overall height of the new extensions are carefully controlled in order to respect the original forms of the existing building. Visual and physical connection between the new properties and the mews laneway through windows and doors at ground floor and terrace to provide inherent surveillance to this area.

The contemporary appearance of the buildings will use high quality materials and will act to regenerate the rather neglected surroundings. Planting is proposed to the raised terraces overlooking along the laneway and also along it, in order to improvement the environment of the mews.

After an initial pre-application enquiry in March 2017 and subsequent design review, the full planning application was submitted in February 2018 and received approval in June 2018.

Client: Private

Structural Engineer: Michael Barclay Partnership

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Our services included:

Concept & Feasibility Design

Planning & Listed Building Applications