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Crouch Hill Flat Refurbishment and Roof Terrace, Crouch End

Extensive refurbishment and addition of roof terrace to a second floor Victorian flat.

Discrete enhancements to maximise light and quality

This project consisted of the extensive refurbishment of a second floor flat, including the addition of a roof level terrace to a late Victorian house.

The proposals were designed in such a way as to have little visual impact on the Conservation Area street scene of the Conservation Area.

The flat was stripped out and a carefully designed new layout, including some limited enlargement of existing dormers, was introduced in order to significantly improve the quality of the living accommodation.

Adding a new roof terrace over the staircase

A new roof terrace was added, accessed through a sliding glass roof-light  that opens over an extension to the original staircase.

Our new kitchen, bathroom and bedroom layouts maximized the available space.

This included the design of bespoke built in joinery for a book case in the stairwell, hiding the boiler within the living room display wall, and creating additional storage spaces in high level roof voids.


The development is located in Crouch End, North London.