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Topsfield Parade, Crouch End

New residential units in tricky Crouch End site.

Carving out new residential units from an unpromising site

Our project at Topsfield Parade is a development of two properties which form part of a horseshoe shaped terrace in Crouch End, London N8. The existing buildings have retail spaces at ground and basement facing the shopping street frontage and flats on the upper floors above. To the rear of the properties is a narrow semi-dilapidated mews laneway which provides access to many of the flats over.

scheme layout plans

The contemporary appearance of the buildings will use high quality materials and will act to regenerate the rather neglected surroundings. Planting is proposed to the raised terraces overlooking along the laneway and also along it, in order to improvement the environment of the mews.

Our services have comprised an initial pre-application enquiry to the local authority, the full planning application and subsequent detailed technical design with a team of specialist consultants, including in particular the key structural and waterproofing design considerations.


The development is located in the Crouch End, North London